App Name: PackMan

Target platform: Windows 8.1

Release date: 2013-11-26


Do you feel that you always forget something when you are going to move? Do you always forget the book you were reading when your going to visit your parents? Do you always forget to pack something when you are traveling somewhere?

Then PackMan is your solution! This app is made to prevent these situations by giving you the ability to create lists with items so you can start planning earlier. When you come up with something you really need to remember you can just add it to your list in the app. And when you are starting to pack you can check each item to make sure that you pack every single item!



Privacy Policy:

This app requires internet, the only reason that it needs internet is because the advertisement in the app. No personal data is saved in the app, only the lists and it’s items are saved in a local database on the device.