Summary of keynote day 2 Build 2014

And here is the summary of the keynote from day 2 of the Build 2014 event.   Web In the new Visual Studio Update 2 when creating new web sites you can choose that the web site will be located in the Azure cloud and will then get the required power shell scripts to publish […]

Azure Portal

Nokia Lumia 930

Summary of keynote day 1 Build 2014

Here is a summary of all the nice stuff Microsoft presented on the build 2014 keynote yesterday. Windows 8.1 will get an update which will be released around 8th of April and you will be able to download it through Windows Update. The following is the new features included in this update: IE11 gets an […]

Windows To Go

The last days I’ve been testing Windows To Go, how to install it on a USB device and how it performs on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. First, let’s start by explaining what Windows To Go actually is. Windows To Go is a program that comes with the Enterprise installation of Windows 7 and Windows […]


Surface 2

Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2

Yesterday Microsoft had the Surface event and showed off the new products in the Surface family. They look very promising and here is some of the news in the new versions. Surface 2 This is the new version of the Surface RT which has the Windows 8.1 RT OS installed on it. This means that […]

Windows 8 store app and VPN

This time i will talk some about VPN and specifically about using a VPN connection from a Windows 8 store app. When we were making a Windows 8 app for a company they needed the app to access some thing located on their private network, to solve this they were only going to use the […]

Windows 8 desktop start button

Windows 8.1 news

Now it’s not that far until Windows 8.1 is released as an update from the store, so I’ve been looking at some of the news in Windows 8.1. Here is some of the news that I think is worth mentioning. Desktop background in Windows 8 view This really makes the whole experience of the Windows 8 […]

Onscreen keyboard trouble

So, in one of my recent projects I’ve been working on a Windows 8 store app, the app has several pages with lists containing text and radio buttons in the most cases but in some cases the list contains large text boxes as well. And when you click in one of the text boxes on a […]

Under construction

I am still doing stuff to the page and I am not sure what theme and look I want on the page. So the page might change a lot from day to day.

My new homepage!

This is my first homepage and it will mainly be a blog. The blog will focus on technical things like programming solutions and code. The page will also contain images of my painting of my Warhammer 40k Eldar army. And I am also planning on adding books and movies that i’ve seen as well, and […]